Investors Must Take Care in Student MarketTuesday 11th , December 2012


The market for student flats and houses is one which has become increasingly popular in recent years.  This is predominantly a consequence of investors seeing it as a sector in which there will always be a consumer base, with a greater number of students heading off to university each and every year.

However, with tuition fees having been raised around the country this year, investors should exercise diligence with regards to where they invest in this sector, as some areas will see them face diminishing potential tenants.

We believe that although there has been £2 billion invested in the UK market in 2012; investors should not just blindly throw their money at student accommodation.

"Despite being described as ‘the most coveted property class’, not all student accommodation is worthy of investment,", with fees increasing, there has been a decline in the number of UK based students applying for university places.

These types of students traditionally take on the private rental accommodation at lower budgets, with overseas students tending to look at more expensive and luxurious options, meaning that people investing in the lower endof the market could find themselves with challenging issues.

Our Advice: Speak to the Student’s Union, browse our website or call our friendly team on 01484 544300 who can assist you with your requirements.

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