Moving into your own house for the first time is exciting. Or at least it should be.

Finding and renting a student property for the first time can be frustrating. We know that. So isn’t it time we put that smile back on your face when you’ve found the perfect place to live?

Damn right, it is.

You’ve got better things to do than spend hours browsing online, calling up agents to arrange meetings at inconvenient times and trudging around trying to find somewhere that’s half decent.

That’s why we’ve made our process as simple as possible.

Our Process - Student Haven

1. Decide who you want to live with and the size of your group

Now, this is probably the hardest decision you’ll make. Choose wisely… you’ve got to live with them! And while you’re at it, agree with your new housemates where you want to live.

2. Check out our listings

Now you know how many beds you need, look at our range of available properties and pick out any that you like the look of.

3. Tell us what you need

Either let us know you’d like to arrange a viewing or give us a list of what you want in your property and we’ll do the searching for you. If we’re arranging a viewing, we’ll pick a time that works for you and your group.

4. Do the viewing (or viewings)

We’ll show you around the properties of your choice and even suggest others that meet your needs. Any questions you have at this stage, we’ll do our best to answer. After the viewing we’ll call you the next day to see what you thought. If you didn’t like any of the properties we show you, we’ll make other suggestions.

5. Say “YES” and we’ll do the rest

If you like what you see, we’ll send you all the paperwork before you hand over a penny (not every agent does) and get everything in place.

6. Sign your contracts

When you’re ready, sign your contract, pay the deposit and get your guarantor’s signature (we’ll help with that as well) and you’re good to go.

7. And, relax…

Now it’s all sorted, you can get on with enjoying student life. When it comes close to the moving in date, we’ll contact you with all the instructions to get your keys and anything else. Simple.

Now all you need to do is move in, hook up your broadband and you’ll be relaxing in your new place watching Netflix and ordering pizza in no time.

Just like home.

Still have questions about renting your own property? Check out our frequently asked questions right here