We know you have lots of questions about renting a student home in Huddersfield. We’re here to help you.

How do I arrange to view a property?

First, take a look at the properties available and then either send us an email with your details or call us on 01484 544 300 and we’ll arrange a viewing to suit you.

When can I move into the property?

Because of the way we handle tenancy dates, you will normally be allowed to move into your property as soon as the academic year has finished rather than having to find somewhere to live over summer until the start of the next year.

What insurance will I need?

Building insurance will be included in the cost of renting and is handled by the landlord. However, we recommend contents insurance for your personal items and belongings.

What happens if something breaks or needs repairing?

Not a problem. If it is something that has broken and is urgently in need of repair, call our Repairs Helpline in your welcome pack and let us know. We’ll get someone round as quickly as they can to fix it.

This is the right number to call if there are any problems with the boiler, heating or water, any problems with the larger electrical appliances in the kitchen, such as the washing machine or dishwasher, or if there is some damage to the property which leave it unsafe or exposed – like a broken window.

What happens to our deposit? And how do we make sure we get all of it back?

The landlord holds your deposit in case there is any damage to the property that isn’t classed as general wear and tear. Of course, we’re not expecting the house to look as pristine after a year of you being there living in it. However, if there are any major breakages or damage to the fabric of the building or items haven’t been reported, this may be an issue when it comes to returning the deposit.

Can our landlord increase our rent while we’re there?

If you’re on a tenancy agreement, your landlord is not permitted to increase the rent. If you move from a fixed tenancy of 12 months onto a rolling contract, however, they are.

Can I keep pets in the property?

Some properties allow pets, while others don’t. Let us know if you’re looking to keep a pet when you get in touch and we’ll pick out properties that match what you want.

What if someone leaves the property?

If you’re in a house with others and one of you wants to leave, you’ll be liable for the additional rent of that one person unless you can find someone else to replace them. Once you find someone to replace them, they will simply take over from the person who left. The process isn’t difficult – we just need to be kept informed.

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