Do any of these sound like you:

  • “I’m a first year student and I’ve never rented a property before so I don’t know where to start…”
  • “I’m coming back to Huddersfield after my degree placement and need to find somewhere to live…”
  • “I’m already in a property but I’m looking to move to somewhere bigger or better…’
  • “I’m about to graduate and need somewhere to live…”

Regardless of your situation, we’re here to help our favourite group of people.


You see, we’ve been in your shoes.

We know exactly what it’s like standing where you are right now.

You may be staring at endless property listings wondering why you need to be looking at places to rent when you’ve only just moved into halls… but there’s a reason.

If you don’t act quickly, you could miss out on your perfect pad.

It might seem crazy, but student properties go really quickly. To guarantee you won’t struggle to find somewhere when the time comes to leave halls, the best time to act is NOW.

There’s also a benefit to acting sooner rather than later. It makes a huge difference having the certainty you have somewhere to live once your first year ends. And with our contracts you don’t have the worry of trying to organise to move all your stuff home or find somewhere temporary until you can move into your new place (check out why we’re different right here).

Ever since we started letting student properties way back when, we wanted to make the experience a lot less painful than it used to be. You see, we’re not like all the other student property agents. Our goal is to give you somewhere you’ll love to live during your time at Uni.

That’s why we have the largest selection of high quality student accommodation to rent in Huddersfield. Every property we rent has to meet our exacting standards because we know it needs to meet yours.

Whether you’re looking for a one-bed flat or an 8-bed house, we’ll help you find your perfect place. Get started by viewing our available properties or hit the button below to get in touch and let our dedicated team help you find your perfect property in Huddersfield.

Meet Nas

Hi, my name is Nas and I want to find you the perfect property. As managing director of Go Haven of which Student Haven is specifically dedicated to helping students find quality, affordable student accommodation, I’ve helped hundreds of students find the right place for them. Not every property is for everyone, but we’ll always be able to find a place that’s just right for you.

As a student in Huddersfield who went through this journey of renting student accommodation, I know how you feel right now and I know it can be frustrating when agents try to make it as complicated as possible.

We don’t do that at Student Haven. I’ve designed our whole service to make your journey from search to moving in as simple as possible. And that’s why we get great recommendations and reviews – and it’s why so many of our students stay with us beyond Uni.

My team and I aren’t your usual suited-and-booted corporate agents. We pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable, so if you have any questions at all please call us and we’ll help you through the process.

Thanks and I look forward to helping you find your perfect place soon.